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Education is essential for the growth of any society. It is the key to unlocking knowledge and unlocking the potential of our youth. Education opens the doors to new opportunities and new possibilities. It helps individuals to think critically and to make informed decisions that can lead to a successful life.

Our Programs

Unique Features

Flexible Learning

Offering a blend of online, hybrid, and in-person instruction to fit the needs of students.

Community Partnership

Building relationships with local businesses, and community members to create learning opportunities outside the classroom.

21st century skills

Integrating technology into the classroom to facilitate hands-on learning, engage students, and increase understanding.


Offering a variety of clubs, teams, and other after-school activities to foster teamwork and social development.

Education Equity

Ensuring that all students have the opportunity to reach their full potential and to become productive members of society.


We currently run three schools, two preschools and one K-9 school which will go up to 12th Grade. Each of these schools are owned and operated by the Reiyukai Knowledge Foundation.

Early Childhood Development

We believe that our children need a great start in life. Through our two preschools and our Udbhav program we have been able to reach 10,000+ children across different socio-economic classes, we aim to reach 1,00,000 children by 2025.

Sports and Extracurriculars

Sports and extracurricular activities are essential for a holistic development of a child. We have 15+ extracurricular activities and sports programs that we are running in our schools through partnership with various organizations.

Education Innovation

In our phase 2 (2023 onwards) we are focusing on redesigning the education for children. This aims to help children adapt to the ever changing future and develop in them life skills necessary to thrive in the world of the 21st century.

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